This is not the last time Oliver campaign controversy penalty, the first 82 minutes of the game, Silva pass, broke into the restricted area of ??Stirling was attacked Miniori knocked down Viktor Stalberg Jersey, but Oliver once again penalty kick. Slow motion shows, attacked Miniori did not meet the ball, and knocked down Stirling. In a rhythm of the game, the test is not only the players, the same referee made a higher demand Brady Skjei Jersey, Oliver's law enforcement is clearly unsatisfactory. Southampton defender missed the break, Ali steals in the restricted area by Steven - Davis tripped, the referee decisively punished the penalty. Then Ali personally surgeon, he fooled Fraser - Foster overnight, Tottenham 2 to 0 to expand the lead. This is Ali this season for Tottenham scored the first 17 goals. The first half of the stoppage time, Steven - Davis pass, Cedric's long-range was Loris brave saved. Manchester United is expected to continue to chase a higher ranking, after all, ranked fourth in Liverpool Chris Kreider Jersey, although leading Manchester United 3 points, but the Red Army than Manchester United more than a round. As long as Manchester United continued the recent good state, then continue to enhance the ranking reached the top four, and will not be a distant dream. But also must see, Manchester United is not too optimistic. From the late schedule point of view, Manchester United in the league fight four, there are three major problems need to be overcome. The first five teams are out of the quagmire of the war in Europe, which means that the end of the season when the Red Devils set off the league when the physical status of the other than the other five The team is at a disadvantage. Difficulty is more powerful dialogue waiting for Manchester United, the Red Devils there is a Manchester City Derby was postponed, in addition to Manchester United and Chelsea Mark Messier Jersey, Arsenal, Tottenham and other mighty move.