Fellini is not and should not be Manchester United's main routine, the ability to reach, but it is a specific game, a specific time to perform coaching intention, play the main role of the rotation of tactics. At least in the eyes of Mourinho, the head of the explosion is the number one substitute for Bogba, and with the recent performance and the role played in the field, he even more than "100 million Mr." more to win the fans of all ages. "Liverpool is absolutely lucky, they should be sentenced to two penalties. Before Stirling kicked James Sheppard Jersey, Caravan pulled down Aguero." Jamie - Redknapp said "Milner's right foot only caught Stirling's feet, which made him kicked empty, the contact between the two very slight, but it brought change." Quinn simply said, "If the referee See, it will be penalties for the penalty, and Milner should also be dyed off. "Not only that Brady Skjei Jersey, Oliver to Toure to produce the yellow card also sparked controversy. The first 22 minutes of the game, Toure in the midfield scraping a pedal in the Emre - Zhan's chest, Manchester City midfielder is clearly no income, Savage said, "This must be a red card. Eriksson sent a pass, Sun Xing �O broke into the restricted area of ??the right wing of the door was Fraser - Foster to resolve. The first 14 minutes, Dumbledore Road, the ball, Eriksson right ribs oblique thorns in the rapid advance suddenly Lengjian, the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal, Tottenham 1 to 0 lead Southampton. This is Eriksson this season for the Tottenham events scored the first 10 goals Viktor Stalberg Jersey. The first 15 minutes, Vail Tongheng pass, Ali's Gongmen was Fraser - Foster block. Two minutes later, the roof of the Romano volley volley volley Chris Summers Jersey, the ball slightly wide of the upper left corner. The first 23 minutes, Eriksson restricted area front shot was Yada Ma also blocked. A minute later, Eriksson pass, Alde Weier Erde's header is Frazer - Foster brave saved.